Cable Modem or DSL Modem
Download Speed on Minimum 3 mbps (3000 kbps) for SD channels and 6 mpbs or higher for HD channels
Router (Wireless Router is optional but not necessary for non Wireless devices)
All Products come with 1 year limited Manufacturer’s warranty. You may elect to purchase our extended warranty within 30 days of your purchase.
We provide you with free Technical Support by phone for the first 90 days free and after 90 days by email only.
* TV Box Units are not transferable. Any change of ownership must be reported to TV BOX HD for Approval. *

Company Policy

TV BOX HD has“15 days return” policy. 20% restocking fee will be applied to all opened items. If the item is opened we are unable to resell the product. All products sold are brand new and the 20% restocking fee is what the manufacturer chanrges us to replace. Our products are guaranteed to work.
( After 15 days No Returns will be accepted, Should you have issues with your product we will Exchange the product at no additional cost up to 1 year). /br>
Before making your final purchase please consult with our sales staff to see which product is right for you. Also Customers are only allowed to return products when they are defective, damaged or non-ordered products, and only with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

You may not be credited if you decide to return the product without an existing RMA number or any prior communication with our tech support department. A restock fee of 30% of the purchase price less original shipping charges will be deducted and refunded back to your account.

RMA number must be assigned for all returns. Any product that is shipped to us without an RMA number may be Refused, Returned or 30% deduction for NO RMA Restocking fee will be enforced.

Products returned without a Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number are subject to a 30% No RMA restocking fee.

Original Shipping Charges are none Refundable even if the product was so with free shipping special. Shipping company do charge us for the delivery of the product and free shipping only applies when you keep the product and original shipping charges will be deducted if product is returned.
All refunds will be for the product price only (i.e., we do not refund shipping charges).

All refunds will be applied via the original method payment.

All products must be returned within 15 days of purchase. After 15 days from the date of receipt (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product).

All products must be in Brand New condition in the complete original packaging (manufacturer's box, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.) with all accessories and manufacturer documentation. DO NOT WRITE ON OR APPLY LABELS TO THE MANUFACTURERS PACKAGING. RMA Number should be written on the carrier shipping box only.
Any Writings on the original Manufacturer box will have an automatic $50 Deduction regardless of other charges.

All shipping charges related to the return of items are the responsibility of the customer.

Products returned new, unopened, and in perfect, resalable condition with all packaging and item materials and manuals are subject to a 20% restocking fee. This restocking fee is to cover our handling costs and fees.

Products returned used, opened in user damaged condition or without all packaging and item materials and manuals that cannot be resold as new CANNOT be returned.

Credit Card Disputes
Before you contact your credit company to remove a charge you don't recognize on your bank statement, phone the telephone number next to the transaction to investigate the charge. Credit card disputes, known as "chargebacks" in the industry, take time and energy to get reversed. In most cases it was not a fraudulent charge; the credit card holder has simply forgotten about the charge.

We take chargebacks seriously!

If a package was refused and sent back to us, the original shipping cost along with the return shipping will be added to the bill. If the date of product return exceeds our 15-day Return Policy, a 20% restocking fee will also be added for all opened items. In either case, if the bill is not paid to us within 30 days, it will then be turned over to a collection agency. If the bill is not paid within 30 days after you've been contacted by the collection agency, your account will be reported to all credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account. This will stay on your credit record for at least seven years.

In cases where the chargeback is clearly fraudulent and with ill intent to get merchandise without paying for it, we will file a report with your local police and sheriff's department. If the product was delivered within the US or to a Post Office Box, we will file a complaint for criminal mail fraud with the US Postmaster.

Please call us first to investigate a transaction you don't recognize before contacting your credit card company to remove the charge.

Your transaction will appear on your bank statement as "ITC"
Our Guarantee
We want you to have a great experience purchasing products through our site. If for any reason, you receive a damaged or defective product, please email us at with a description of the problem. At our discretion we will try to work out the details so they are satisfactory for all parties involved.

Billing Dispute and Refund Policy
Customers have 30 business days from the date of an invoice or charge to dispute that invoice or charge; after that time the customer will be deemed to have waived any objections to that invoice or charge.

1 Year Limited Warranty Information
TV BOX HD products come with a 1 Year limited warranty from the date of purchase. TV BOX HD warrants in good operating condition for the warranty period. This warranty does not include non-TV BOX HD installed components. If the TV BOX HD product malfunctions during the warranty period, TV BOX HD will, at its discretion, repair or replace the product at no charge, provided the product has not been subjected to misuse, abuse or non-TV BOX HD authorized alterations, modifications or repairs. When returning a product, include your RMA number. Return requests cannot be processed without RMA number.. Shipment of returned product to TV BOX HD is the responsibility of the purchaser. All expressed and implied warranties for the TV BOX HD product line including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the above period.
There are no exception, All plans, Monthly, Yearly or unlimited plan all carry the 12 Month Limited Warranty. Should box become unoperatable or defective for whatever reason. Customer is responsible to pay any repair or replacement fee if the warranty has been expired. Your plan will remain in place and unit must be exchanged.
Important! There are no refunds, Pro-rates if your warranty is expired. No refunds will be issue just because your box is not functioning. Just like any other device you purchase you are responsible for the performance of your device after the warranty is expired.
Under no circumstances shall TV BOX HD be liable in any way to the user for damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the TV BOX HD products. TV BOX HD reserves the right to revise or update its products, software, or documentation without obligation to notify any individual or entity.
Technical Support and firmware upgrades for TV BOX HD products are restricted to the country/region of purchase.
Please refer to the TV BOX HD Support Information received with your product purchase.
This warranty is void if:

  • The product was operated/stored in abnormal use or maintenance conditions;
  • The product is repaired, modified or altered
  • The product was subjected to abuse, neglect, electrical fault, improper packaging, accident or acts of nature;
  • The product was installed improperly;
  • The serial number of the product is defaced or missing;
  • The tamper seal on the casing is broken.
  • The product is upgraded with firmware not applicable to region of purchase.
To protect against power surges and power outages, we strongly recommend that you use power surge protection and UPS solutions suitable for your situation.

Any failure related to power adapter or NIC (Network Interface Card) are not covered by the warranty. Per our Limited Warranty agreement, we don't cover the units that are defective per misuse.

Returns must be shipped freight prepaid. All return shipping charges are your responsibility.
TVBOX HD requires pre-authorization for the return of all products. Products not authorized for return shall be sent back to you at your expense.
TVBOX HD will not be liable for any loss of or damage to unauthorized return items.
TVBOX HD will repair or replace the products, and we will ship all products via USPS Ground, Air or a carrier of TVBOX HD's choice.
Damaged products will be returned “AS IS” by USPS Ground, freight collect.
We will ship, at your expense, via any express carrier service you request. When you request a carrier other than TVBOX HD’s carrier of choice, you will bear risk of loss and freight expenses for such shipments.
Please allow between 7 to 14 working days before we can ship you the repaired or exchanged unit.
Please do not forget to Send the RMA Request form along with your unit in the same box.

RMA Criteria (Defective, Damaged Units Only)

Products must have been purchased directly from TV BOX HD.
Products must be in its original undamaged box with no item missing and no plastic or paper seal broken.
RMA is only issued when unit is defective or damaged and it will be exchanged as soon as we receive the unit back.
TV BOX HD will only exchange returned products with a Return Material authorization (RMA) number.
Out-of- Return Policy Period requests and none RMA items are not accepted and will be refused.
If you did not purchase the product directly from TV BOX HD or its distributors listed on our website, please refer to your distributor or reseller's point of contact where you purchased the products.


Return Procedure:

Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges and are not allowed to bill us for any Point of Entry Prep fees, Taxes,
Custom fees, Packaging fees or any unknown charges they may have accrued as the result of the return shipping.
LOSS/DAMAGE: ITC will not be liable or responsible for loss, missed delivery. damage and/or delay of goods or any products sent to ITC' address. 

INSURANCE: It is shippers/customer's sole responsibility to obtain additional insurance and pay the additional premium.

CLAIMS: It is shipper/customer's sole responsibility to file a claim with the carrier In case of loss, missed delivered, damage or delay.
Shipper/customer needs to contact the carrier to file a claim to receive compensation or to recover the lost package.

Please use a track able carrier such as USPS (United States Postal Service)to insure proper delivery and tracking.

During return shipment please check the correct boxes on the return slip provided to you by the shipping agency. Providing the incorrect information may result in additional fees, taxes or other unpaid charges that may be billed to you by the shipping agency.

We refuse and will not accept any additional charges being billed to us such as Freight Collect, COD or any other type requesting payment during delivery.

Before calling for an RMA number, please make sure that you have correctly followed the installation instructions and operating procedures for the products that are located in the user’s guide.
Call our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) department and request an RMA Request Form.
On the RMA Request Form, make sure you have the following information: Contact name; Contact phone and fax number; E-mail address; TVBOX HD product part number; Serial number for each product returned; Complete description of the technical problems for each product returned.
RMA number should be clearly written on the shipping label and the label placed on the shipping box.
All unlabeled, mismarked or illegibly marked products will be refused or returned “AS IS” by USPS Ground,Air, freight collect.
All packages which appear to be damaged at the time of delivery to TVBOX HD will be refused “AS IS”.
Please be assured that the products sent to TVBOX HD are the same products for which the number was issued. If the products do not match the products under the assigned RMA number, TVBOX HD will return all products by USPS Ground, Air freight collect.
No return accepted without an RMA number, absolutely no exceptions.
RMA number is valid for 7 calendar days after authorization. We reserve the right to refuse returned item(s) beyond 7 days from the date RMA number is assigned.
Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped within the first 24-72 hours of the transaction unless the product is out of stock which in that case customer will be notified and correct ETD or estimated time of delivery will be given to the customer.
We use USPS (United States Postal Service) for all regions.

If you decide to exchange the (Non defective) unit for another high/low end model you will be charged a 20% restocking fee if the product is returned in new in box condition. You will be responsible for all (both ways) shipping charges. If you are exchanging the unit for high end model you may have to pay the difference and we may charge your credit card on file to satisfy the transaction. On the other hand if you decide to downgrade your unit to a lower end model we will credit you the difference less shipping charges.

For Exchange Only: Please return the product with the manufacturers packaging and accessories in good condition along with Exchange RMA#. We will be forced to levy additional surcharges for products that are returned in used condition and/or have damaged, scratched or missing packaging or accessories. If the product is returned with missing or damaged packaging or accessories an additional 25% surcharge may be assessed.

Shipping charges are not refundable.
Fees and Disclosures
Summary of Fees:
Returned Payment Fee
Late Fee (Per Month)
NONE Refundable Activation/Reconnect Fee
Adminstrative Fee*

Important Payment Information
Payment must be received by the due date. In order to ensure timely and accurate crediting of your account, please enclose the payment coupon with your payment. Please write your account number on your check or money order as and return in the envelope. You can also use your credit card to get your payment to us immediately.

Reconnect Fee
A $25.00 reconnect fee must be paid before service will be reactivated.

Important Information

Your TVBOX is designed to provide a wide array of entertainment and information. To ensure the greatest level of service at all times, you will need to have your TVBOX connected to a Router and router needs to be connected to a DSL line or Cable Modem. Some Internet Service Providers do provide a built in 4 port router/modem. Please contact your DSL/Cable Modem service provider for more information.

If customer has a broadband connection through their provider it’s as easy as plugging in a CAT5 (Ethernet Cable) into their TVBOX. Our Phone Tech support team will help you during the process to hookup; however, customers may have to refer to their specific network admin for specific hookups (via Router, Hub, etc.?). You may need to hire an installer to work around the network problem. The unit is designed to work within the first 5 seconds once is plugged in however if you have any existing network issues such as wiring problem, defective, outdated or a none working router we won’t be able to help you and this is out of our tech support scope.

All units come with a 1 Year factory limited warranty and 3 months of Free phone tech support. Please refer to our warranty/support section.

Explanation of Fees

Returned Payment Fee: $10.00

You will be charged a $35.00 returned payment fee, subject to applicable law, for payments returned by your bank. This fee is charged to the account when a customer's check or a credit card is returned due to non-sufficient funds or disputed. All forms of returned payments are subject to this penalty. This fee is also charged when a customer chooses to stop payment on a credit card or a check, or if the bank account is not valid (not found). You service may be interrupted due to an owing balance on your account.
Late Fee and Deactivation of Service: $25.00

Any outstanding fees are automatically charged to the customer's account 30 days after the billing date if the bill has not been paid in full.  The amount due must be paid in full each month. When mailing payments, please allow 7-10 business days for payment to reach us and be posted to your account. If payment is not received on or before the due date indicated on the statement, you will be subject to a $5.00 administrative Late Fee that will appear on your next statement. We do not extend credit to our customers, and the Late Fee is not interest or a finance, credit service or similar charge. Service may be deactivated for non-payment at our sole discretion. All outstanding balances, an amount equal to at least one month's advance charges, and a $25.00 reconnect fee must be paid before service will be reactivated.

NONE Refundable Activation or Reconnect Fee: $25.00

IMPORTANAT:Reconnection fee of $25 is not refundable and is Charged and collected at the time a customer wants to restart services after a permanent disconnection (due to nonpayment). This fee will be collected up front at the time of restart. If you are paying for one month of service, There is no cool off or trial period and there is no pro-rate. Service fee for any current month that is being activated is not refundable whether used or not.

Cancellation Policy

TV BOX HD requires 30 days advance notice on cancellations (to give us time to make sure your account is properly disconnected at the right time, to wrap-up any remaining billing issues, and most importantly, to ensure you are not billed for the next payment period). No Prorate for requests between the billing cycles or before the 30 days CANCELLATION notice.
If you ever decide to cancel your account, just send us an email to: with your request for cancellation and your service will be discontinued at the end of your next complete billing month.
All cancellations requests must be submitted via email to our billing department using our email address:
You must include your account First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Account Number and the reason you are canceling your account in your email. Please always keep a copy of your CANCELLATION notice which stays in your SENT section of your email program for future reference. 

To insure proper service to our customers we do not accept CANCELLATIONs by phone and must be documented such as email service. In the event of dispute, the copy of your email is your only resource to back track the CANCELLATION request. 

Third Party Providers

You agree that certain services may be provided by third party providers of TV BOX HD and that your use of such services may be subject to further agreements, policies, terms, and conditions in addition to those contained or referenced in this Agreement.

* TV Box Units are not transferable. Any change of ownership must be reported to TV BOX HD for Approval. *